Styling Mistakes

Styling Mistakes

Hawkins and Brimble – Eight styling mistakes

We like to consider ourselves fairly stylish here at Hawkins HQ. And as much as humanly possible we take care of our appearance, but occasionally, very occasionally we'll may make the odd fashion mistake. We can't always get it right now can we. We took a quick poll in the office and it would seem there are a fair few fashion fails that we all know about and hate. If any of these ring a bell, then it's time to take a step back from your wardrobe and have a little word with yourself.

Having your underwear on show

Unless you're a skateboarder below the age of eighteen, then this really isn't the look for you. Underwear on show isn't good because it's the first thing people notice when you bend over or turn around. Not a great first impression. Also often with pants on show, then in turn, the bottom is on show, and we don’t even want to have to go there, just put it away chaps. 

Scuffed or worn shoes

Often one of the first thing people look at when they meet someone for the first time is their shoes and old, scuffed shoes scream that you don’t take care of your appearance. There's no point having great style then stopping at your feet. If your toes are on show and you're not wearing flip flops, then it's time to trade. They may well be your favourite pair from university but it's time to let go.

Loafers with socks

Gentlemen, need we say more. Unless you are possibly a member of the Italian Mafia, then this is not the look for you.

Low V-Necks

 We see this look a lot, either on chaps who like bench pressing, or on older men who think they can be Simon Cowell. But a low V-neck with or without chest hair, with or without muscles just draws attention to this area, and believe it or not, most people don’t really want to look there thank you very much. Get yourselves a classic t-shirt or shirt, and cover that section up please.

Clothing that’s too tight

We all have that friend who wears those jeans that are just a tad too snug or that work shirt that's too fitted. It's not a nice look and it hurts your eyes a bit. Wearing tight clothes doesn’t hold or keep everything in place, it just pushes all your bits into other areas or accentuates the bits you wanted to hide. We say invest in decent tailored pieces instead that will make the best of your assets.

Wearing tracksuit trousers

Unless you're on your way to the athletics track, then there is no reason to be wearing these out in front of Joe or Jane public. They're unflattering of any shape and they hug in all the wrong places. No, just no. Unless you are actually about to do fitness, and then in which case, yes okay then.

Wearing an ill fitting suit

Nothing shouts smart gentleman more than a bespoke suit and a tailored shirt. If your trousers hang over the front of your shoes, or your jacket arms drag along the floor then it's time to find yourself a decent tailor. A classic suit is one of our favourite looks.

Un-styled beards or moustaches

Funnily enough we love a bit of grooming at Hawkins & Brimble and it saddens us to see unkempt beards or moustaches. Such beautiful things, lacking in love or attention. Spend some time on your facial hair gents, it really makes a difference. 

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