Andys Man Club

Welcome to our special initiative in collaboration with Andy's Man Club. As a brand that believes in the power of self-care and its positive impact on mental health, Hawkins and Brimble is proud to support Andys Man Club and its life-saving mission.

Andys Man Club is a men's suicide prevention charity that firmly believes in the power of conversation, encapsulated in their motto #ITSOKAYTOTALK. Established in response to a personal tragedy, Andys Man Club was founded in 2016 following the loss of Andrew Roberts, a young man of just 23 years, to suicide. The charity now operates over 120 free-to-attend peer-to-peer support groups across the UK, providing a safe, judgement-free, and non-clinical environment for men to open up about their struggles. These groups, which convene every Monday, are home to men who are weathering personal storms, those who've come through them, and those who wish to support their fellow men.

At Hawkins and Brimble, we're more than just a grooming brand. We deeply care about the overall well-being of our customers, which goes beyond their outward appearance. That's why we are committed to supporting Andy's Man Club, a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide and promoting open conversations around men's mental health.

Here's how we plan to support and raise awareness:


Every purchase you make with Hawkins and Brimble can now make a difference. We're introducing a new feature at checkout that allows you to round up your total to the nearest pound. The difference will be donated directly to Andy's Man Club, supporting their vital work. Every penny counts towards making a significant impact.


We believe in the power of information. To help raise awareness about men's mental health, we'll be regularly publishing blog posts and social media content discussing this critical topic. You'll find expert advice, personal stories, and resources to help understand and address men's mental health issues.


Attendees of AMC's weekly meetings across the UK will be given sample products from Hawkins and Brimble, along with exclusive discount codes for our online store. It's our way of saying thanks for their courage in participating and supporting their journey towards improved mental well-being.


As part of our commitment to this
initiative, we will be incorporating AMC's #ITSOKAYTOTALK message into our branding and marketing. We want to help create an environment where men feel comfortable discussing their mental health without fear of judgement.