Recap London Fashion Week by our special barber: Charles Fencott 

So 2 weeks ago was London fashion week, and I was at the Grooming room in the Century club Soho, heading up the men's grooming side with the most exciting and all British men's grooming range Hawkins and Brimble.

While there I was offering services to celebs, VIP's and industry leaders who were attending the event, while at the same time demonstrating to, and educating said fashionistas in the luxuries and benefits of having this all new natural British product line. We impressed guys with hot towel shaves who experienced the shaving range in all its glory. 

The beard services were going down a treat with people getting the full benefit of the Hawkins nourishing beard oil, accompanied by some grooming tips from myself. 

Then as if that was not enough I was also carefully sculpting haircuts for the event goers as we trialled some very exciting new hair ranges that are due to be released later in the year. 

I'm very excited to say that every single gent who sat in my chair loved the range of products and the services they had, with each person leaving with their own set to carry on their all natural grooming rituals at home.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to sit in my chair, came to see us and stopped for a chat. Every person I met that weekend was uniquely interesting with their own story, but also ultimately looking for the same thing.

A full men's range made with natural ingredients, affordably priced that actually delivers as a product and is refreshingly a British brand. I think the photos alone are testament to the fact that everyone found what they were looking for.