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  • Award Winning Men's Grooming

    Posted on March 04 2019

    Hawkins and Brimble are delighted to announce that in the recent Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019 we won four awards. We are very proud of our natural grooming range so this is...

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  • Top Five Gift Ideas for Men

    Posted on February 13 2019

    Buying gifts is hard enough, but what do you buy a man with everything? We’ve partnered up with Aspinal of London to bring you their top five gift ideas for men,...

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  • Smoothly Does It…How to Get a Really Smooth Shave & Avoid Razor-Burn

    Posted on January 17 2019

    From the Barber's Mouth Let's face it, we all sometimes suffer from the dreaded razor burn or razor rash. But a good shaving routine with time for preparation and then...

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  • The best free exercise apps – A fresh start to 2019

    Posted on January 11 2019

    So that’s it for another year. The tree is gradually turning brown in the corner, the recycling bin is overflowing with seasonal empties and the grind of going back to work...

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  • In the midst of Movember? Here's everything you need to keep your moustache looking tip top

    Posted on November 15 2018

    It’s that time of year again, when the top lip gets a little chilly and it feels like it’s the right time to do a little something for charity. And...

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  • How To Overcome Skin Problems With Shaving

    Posted on July 23 2018

    We’ve all been there. What looked like a sexy bit of stubble, has turned into a bearded mess and you realise you need to sort it, pronto. My wife is...

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    Posted on July 18 2018

    Hawkins & Brimble has appointed Matt Spracklen as an Ambassador for the brand. Matt is a presenter, music influencer and taste-maker in London. Matt hosts the ‘Mainly Music’ Podcast and...

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  • Hawkins & Brimble Moisturiser Launch Event – Park Lane, London

    Posted on July 12 2018

    On 14th June Hawkins & Brimble held their new Moisturiser Launch in London at the flagship BMW store on Park Lane in Mayfair. The brand adds to its already successful...

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  • New Facial Moisturiser Collection

    Posted on July 12 2018

    No grooming arsenal is complete without a protective moisturiser. Hawkins & Brimble present two brand new hydrators that are tailor made to suit your skin’s specific needs. Epitomising cool Britannia, the...

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  • 6 Steps for the Perfect Shave

    Posted on July 02 2018

    Since the launch of Hawkins & Brimble in December 2016, we have been running loads of consumer event. During these events I have been amazed by how many men have questions...

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  • The Best Style Icons in Football

    Posted on April 19 2018

    Football isn’t just about the game, but the players’ off pitch personas too. So we’ve rounded up our favourite football style icons who prove that their style isn’t limited to...

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  • The Best Hair and Beard style of England’s Six Nations Rugby Team

    Posted on March 16 2018

    Have you been keeping up to date with the Six Nations Championship this year? The game isn’t the only thing we have been watching, we’ve rounded up our favourite hair...

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  • How To Be A Gentleman on an Evening by The Dapper Chapper

    Posted on February 23 2018

    When you visualise a gentleman, you’d be forgiven for immediately conjuring up an immaculately dressed older man, complete with moustache, pocket watch and top hat. In this day and age,...

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  • Creating the perfect morning routine

    Posted on January 18 2018

    Creating a routine Save time in the morning by not having to think about what you need to do. Perhaps it may be laying your outfit out the day before...

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  • Get in shape and feel great in 2018!

    Posted on January 15 2018

    The New Year is a great excuse to get in to shape, and there’s different ways of doing it without making drastic changes to your lifestyle. Struggling to stick to...

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  • LMFW 2018 Trends

    Posted on January 15 2018

    With London Men's Fashion Week having just past. We take a look at some of the trends that hit the catwalks this year.1. Oliver Spencer brings well-tailored suits with an...

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  • Unique Places in London to Hold Your Christmas Party

    Posted on December 14 2017

    If you haven’t already arranged your Christmas party, there’s still time! Some companies even choose to hold their parties once the Christmas rush is over and it isn’t such a...

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  • What a Man’s Shoe Says About Him

    Posted on November 17 2017

    There’s a saying that you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, but is there any truth behind this? Whether the answer is yes or no, we’ve...

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  • The Best Gin Distillery Tours in London

    Posted on October 26 2017

    Over the past few years, gin has become the trendy spirit that people can't get enough of! With small batch distillers popping up all over the country, we take a...

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  • The Return of the Vintage Haircut

    Posted on October 12 2017

    Like fashion trends, hairstyles repeat themselves time and time again. In recent years we have seen the return of previous generations hair, moustache and beard trends that are in fashion...

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  • What does your car say about you?

    Posted on September 28 2017

    You can tell a lot about a person by their car and the way they drive it. Whether you’re clinging on to your classic motor because it gets all the...

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  • Essentials in a Man’s Bathroom

    Posted on September 15 2017

    Hand Care Hands are something that are almost always on display, consider them one of your main tools when introducing yourself. You can tell a lot about a man by...

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  • London’s Best Rooftop Bars

    Posted on September 01 2017

    Whether you are after a quick post work drink with a view, a venue to impress, or somewhere new to spend an evening with friends… we have found the bar...

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  • 5 Top Grooming Tips for Guys

    Posted on July 12 2017

    We love individuality here at Hawkins, we're all about being yourself and owning your own 'look'. But how exactly does one get to that look? Personally, we like to have...

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  • Our Dads

    Posted on June 08 2017

    At Hawkins, we think dads are pretty awesome and with Fathers Day coming up we felt they deserved a post. We asked our colleagues here to say a word that...

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  • Hawkins – Five cool music festivals

    Posted on May 30 2017

    Music festivals are nothing new, despite what the millennials might think they've actually been around for thousands of years. The term 'festival' first showed up in the English language in...

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  • Five Awesome Hobbies to Try

    Posted on April 23 2017

    In this busy day and age, our own personal time is incredibly important. Be it time to ourselves, with loved ones, family or friends, it's precious, especially because it's often...

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  • A Marvellous Historical Bearded Gent With A Beard

    Posted on April 04 2017

    I think it's safe to say that we love a bit of facial fuzz here at Hawkins. Nothing pleases us more than seeing well looked after beards and moustaches. They...

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  • Styling Mistakes

    Posted on March 21 2017

    Hawkins and Brimble – Eight styling mistakes We like to consider ourselves fairly stylish here at Hawkins HQ. And as much as humanly possible we take care of our appearance,...

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  • Recap London Fashion Week by our special barber: Charles Fencott 

    Posted on March 12 2017

    So 2 weeks ago was London fashion week, and I was at the Grooming room in the Century club Soho, heading up the men's grooming side with the most exciting...

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  • History of Barbering

    Posted on March 06 2017

    "All things change except barbers, the ways of barbers, and the surroundings of barbers. These never change." - Mark Twain. What springs to mind when you think of a barber...

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  • Hawkins & Brimble at London Fashion Week 2017

    Posted on February 22 2017

    Hawkins & Brimble were out in force at London Fashion Week 2017 last week. We were ever present in the oasis of the Mens Grooming Room and oversaw dozens of...

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  • Five Cool Date Ideas

    Posted on February 14 2017

    Valentines Day is upon us, the day of romance, red roses and cheesy cards. The day of couples holding hands over a candle lit table or smug workmates signing for...

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  • 5 Perfect Things to Do on a 1st Date

    Posted on February 09 2017

    Congratulations, you have that first date! Well done, but you need to make sure that this date goes as well as it can possibly, so I have come up with...

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  • Making gentlemanly first impressions

    Posted on February 08 2017

    Two minutes, 30 Seconds, 7 Seconds, 1 second? Gentlemen, How long do you have to make that first impression? It is actually less than that, according to a pair of...

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  • Our Morning Routine

    Posted on January 25 2017

    Are you a morning person? Let's be honest, not many of us are. The lure of a warm bed compared to a warm armpit on the tube, we know which...

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  • Hawkins and Brimble - Top 5 Secret Bars

    Posted on January 09 2017

    At Hawkins we like nothing better than kicking back with our friends and enjoying a good tipple. And what better than enjoying a drink at a venue you have to...

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  • How to hold a classy stag do

    Posted on November 30 2016

    When someone mentions the phrase 'Stag do' what springs to mind? Is it silly outfits, perhaps an inflatable doll, punishing beer fines, endless shots or gentlemen's clubs with dancing ladies....

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  • Top 5 London BBQ Joints

    Posted on November 23 2016

    There's something quintessentially British about a barbeque spread, with blackened sausages, over cooked burgers and a salad that no one eats. We love it. But given our damp squib of...

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  • How to blend in, in a Gentlemen's club

    Posted on November 16 2016

    Gentlemen's clubs may conjure up images of old boys reading newspapers, smoking pipes and gathering around roaring fires. They are hugely private places, so who really knows what they are like...

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  • History's True Gents

    Posted on November 02 2016

    The term, 'gentleman' has changed it's meaning over the years... Historically, the term meant that you were born into nobility, whereas over the years the meaning has changed. It could...

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