Official Grooming Partner X Starks Fitness

Official Grooming Partner X Starks Fitness

If you follow us on social media, you may have already spotted that we are now the Official Grooming Partner with Starks Fitness, the Bristol based fitness lifestyle brand.

Wondering why we chose the fitness industry? Our founder Stephen, met up with COO Chris Williams from Starks and discussed the importance of total well-being, from your grooming routine to fitness regime.

Their full interview is here: Starks Naked | EP.7 Stephen Shortt - Founder Of Hawkins & Brimble - YouTube

Or you can read up below!

Chris: So I guess first things first, Why the fitness industry? why did you guys think that this was an area you wanted to target? 

Stephen: Our customer base is aligned to your customer base! Guys who come to gyms like this would definitely be looking after themselves and wanting to make sure that their fitness regime and their skin regime is as good as each other.

Chris: Absolutely! I know it can be one of those steps that people often forget about. I know it’s been a part of my routine that I put off for a while but makes a world of difference. Do you think a solid skincare routine can make you feel just as good as working out?

Stephen: I know how having sensitive skin has affected my confidence in the past, so if you are taking time to work out to make yourself feel good, why would you not want to do the same for your skin? I personally suffer from a lot of redness and created this brand out of frustration of not finding something that worked for me. Knowing that I can control this issue now, I feel a lot more confident in myself which is something we hope our customers can feel too.

Chris: So how long have you guys been in business?

Stephen: We launched just under six years ago in 2016. The build up to that was over a year's worth of research into the market, working alongside barbers to learn what they liked and what we should create. I’d been in the health and beauty industry for 20 years, but I am a creative at heart and always wanted to start my own business as I saw such a lack of choice for men’s products, especially those with natural ingredients.

Chris: The story behind one of our other brands SF Nutrition is very similar kind of scenario, where James had a bit of an issue with his digestion with other protein brands, so created a brand out of frustration too.

Stephen: I wanted to bring something better in terms of the quality to the market. There's a lot of products on the market that use quite harsh surfactants in product and that believe it or not, that's the same surfactants they use in washing powders! So that's one of the reasons I wanted to create a range, made with natural ingredients.

Chris: I’ll admit I really struggled with moisturisers and making sure they didn’t feel too oily on my skin but now we have all been converted to using the Daily Energising Moisturiser. Since you have become our grooming partner, we are all now investing in our skincare after working out!

Stephen: That’s what we like to hear! We’re excited to work with your team.

Stay Tuned for more exciting upcoming plans with Starks Fitness!


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