Hawkins & Brimble Partner with the Marine Conservation Society

Hawkins & Brimble Partner with the Marine Conservation Society

Few would disagree that the oceans reflect the state of the world’s overall health, and the current evidence tells us that all is not well, not by a long way. Despite our best efforts, pollution in the seas doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and the consensus is that unless we start taking this seriously, the process may soon be irreversible. That doesn’t just mean rubbish-strewn beaches and filthy water, it means the mass-death of many of the marine species that we share the planet with, and that is unacceptable!

Marine pollution is a combination of chemicals and improperly discarded rubbish, most of which comes from land sources and is then washed or blown into the seas. Pollution of this nature results in damage to the environment, it impacts the health of all organisms, and upsets economic structures worldwide. Analysis has shown that we are still dumping around 8 million tons of polluting materials into the ocean every year, and it is starting to have profound and long-term effects on the eco-structure.

There are now 146 positively identified “hypoxic areas”which have a marked reduction in oxygen adsorption, and therefore their ability to sustain marine life. These areas don’t just discourage marine life, but are actively damaging to them, and as the areas spread, they force marine animals to live in ever smaller locations, contributing to overpopulation and therefore placing increasing pressure on feeding areas. In the last twenty years we have damaged the oceans almost to the point where it is irreversible. Drastic action is needed, and it’s needed now!

It all sounds dire, but luckily an increasing number of agencies and businesses are banding together to help right the wrongs that we have inflicted on the planet.

One of the major players in this is the Marine Conservation Society, which is the UK's leading marine environment, and not-for-profit organisation. The charity has been running for 30 years and is behind anumber of high-profile campaigns designed to augment the general populations understanding – and appreciation –of the oceans around us. Some past and present projects and campaigns include:

  • Beachwatch. Designed to be the largest volunteer beach cleaning and litter survey in the UK, beachwatch includes the annual Great British Beach Clean which takes place every third weekend in September.
  • Don't Let Go. A campaign the charity led to stop the indiscriminate release of helium balloons and sky lanterns which end up on our beaches and in the sea and can lead to the tragic death of marine creatures.
  • Scrub it Out. Run in conjunction with partners Fauna and Flora International,this aims to get manufacturers and retailers to stop making and selling personal care products which contain polymeric microbeads. More on this in a paragraph or two.
  • Protecting UK seas. This sees the charity working to establish a network of marine protected areas around the UK and ensuring they are well managed once established.
  • Good Fish Guide. This extensive guide is available online, as a smartphone app and even a pocket paper version and includes Fish to Eat and Fish to Avoid lists and advice on choosing the most sustainable fish. This is now widely used by the public and industry to determine which fish are okay to eat, and which aren’t.

Scrub It Out is a campaign the Marine Conservation Society ran and it attracted attention from many major players in industry, Hawkins & Brimble included.

Research has shown that people feel guilty about unintentionally introducing plastic materials into the environment butare not sure what to do about it. From rejecting products with microbeads to unintentionally littering, people want to do the right thing, but need a bit of a hand with it. Hawkins & Brimble, in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, are promoting products and packaging that drastically reduce the burden we place on the oceans.

Many people are actively trying to cut down on their use of plastic materials and are switching to sustainable solutions and recyclable products at the very least. While this in itself is admirable, itis simply still not enough, and business needs to do as much as possible to help people make the right choices. Many companies are now actively seeking out packaging materials that can be easily recycled or cutting down on the amount of material produced by considering alternatives to standard packaging. Here at Hawkins & Brimble, we are driving change in our packaging.

Our commitment to the environment has meant that we have reimagined our products and packaging and, working closely with the Marine Conservation Society, we are switching our refill products from standard, high-impact materials such as traditional polymers to infinitely recyclable aluminum cans. Our latest range of sustainable refill options demonstrate our commitment to the environment and in reducing the plastic waste burden on the ocean in particular.

The products inside are just as good as they have always been, and our commitment to your skin and hair care is as strong as before. Our beard-care products will still keep your beard and moustache in the best possible condition, and our haircare range is exemplary. Our skincare products are now perfect for your skin and the environment too. We have reinforced our responsibility to the environment, but without detracting from the eminence of our creations.

Hawkins & Brimble are proud to partner with The Marine Conservation Society, and in doing so we hope to not only highlight the damage that we as a species is inflicting on our planet, but to actively do something positive about it too. We have been committed to using ingredients that are cruelty-free, use natural products in their manufacture, and are free from sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which is a foaming agent. Neither do our products contain parabens – rather cheap and nasty antimicrobial chemical preservatives – so you can be assured that with our creams and waxes, you are getting the best there is. Great products, and now in sustainable packaging too.

Our sustainable packaging and pouches give you the same high-quality products as always, but in either reduced or environmentally friendly form, both of which are 100% recyclable, so now you can be sure of caring for the oceans while caring for your hair, beard and skin. What’s not to like?

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