Our Morning Routine

Our Morning Routine

Are you a morning person? Let's be honest, not many of us are. The lure of a warm bed compared to a warm armpit on the tube, we know which one we'd choose.

We chatted to a few people here in the office, and everyone seems to have a completely different morning routine, which got us thinking.

What sort of person are you when that alarm clock buzzes?

We've come up with four different types:






Mr Caveman

You grunt as you exit your bed, throwing your alarm clock on the floor as it wails at you. You stumble, half asleep over discarded objects (possibly a spear and your furs) and fall foul of that booby trap cupboard door left open that you've failed to notice because you're eyes are glued shut. You lean against the wall in the shower, not bothering to actually wash, just letting the water fall over you. You go for the bed hair and five O'clock shadow look and pull on the clothes that you discarded at the bottom of the bed. Hey the shirt is crumpled and your tie has an unknown stain on it, but who cares! You have three coffees before leaving the house and stop for more coffee en-route to work. You grunt at anyone who dares make conversation with you. Ug.


Mr Calm

You awake naturally at 5am, because like, that’s when your body naturally wakes. You slowly fold out of bed and land on your mediation rug, ready for 10 minutes of Zen. Once meditation is over you move to your yoga mat. Downward dog shows this day whose boss! You embrace a cold shower, take time grooming because it's important to give yourself that time. You wash down some warm water and lemon, followed by a green juice. And you're not in the least bit stressed by a packed commuter train because you're too busy listening to some affirmations for the day on your headphones. You are ready for the day.


Mr Cool

You wake without a start as your Spotify chilled Ibiza playlist kicks in to gear. You pull on your gym gear after inhaling a pre-work out smoothie. You easily jog the five miles to the gym and sweat it out for an hour, before having a post-work out smoothie. You take time showering and getting ready because you enjoy it. You walk from the gym to work feeling fresh, fit and ready for the day. Boom.


Mr Panic Stations

You roll out of bed last minute, falling face first onto the floor. Shouldn’t have hit that snooze button twenty fives times! Forget about showering, you've only got ten minutes before your train leaves and it's a fifteen minute fast walk to the train station. You randomly pull clothes out of your cupboard, not noticing you've grabbed the jeans with the hole in the crutch and the shirt with slightly questionable stains on it, ARGH FIVE MINUTES TO GO! You throw some cereal and coffee in your face and run to the station, only to see your train pulling away. It's going to be a long day.


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