How to hold a classy stag do

When someone mentions the phrase 'Stag do' what springs to mind? Is it silly outfits, perhaps an inflatable doll, punishing beer fines, endless shots or gentlemen's clubs with dancing ladies. All of the aforementioned?

Well, here at Hawkins we like to think that we're a little more classy than this. Less lad more gent. So if you've never organised a stag do before, budgets aside, here are some suggestions to help keep it refined and, we'd like to say civilised but that bit's up to you!


First and foremost keep the bride to be happy. No jokes about strip clubs, leaving the stag in Tenerife or relieving him of his clothes. Keep her happy and the stag will be more relaxed. Possibly. Moving swiftly on, you need to think about what fancy dress the stag will wear, because it's  in the rules that the stag needs to look a little bit silly. It's hard to keep this bit classy, but lets remind ourselves that this is a stag do first and foremost and you've got to think about making the stag stand out.

At Hawkins we love a comedy hat, fake beard or fancy dress. The main rule is, whatever you do keep it simple. Then it's all about getting those stomachs lined with some decent grub. Hawksmoor Guildhall, London does a pretty neat breakfast at a cost, but you could be enjoying Plum Pudding bacon, sausage made with pork, beef & mutton, black pudding, fried eggs and trotter baked beans. Very Heston. Whether you go slap up or local café, you should all be ready to STAG!


Moving swiftly onto the beer (unless you've started already) Forget about your pints of Kronenbourg, it's all about the craft beers these days. Book in a tour and taster session at a brewery and you could be supping on some refined beers whilst learning about how it's all made. Very civilised.

Next it's on to the real activities. Get the stags adrenaline pumping with a sky dive, whilst you all watch from the ground supping more lovely beer. Or what about donning those wax jackets and peaked caps (we know you own them) and turning your hand to a spot of clay pigeon shooting with a cheeky dram of whiskey afterwards to warm you up. If you're a rugby fan (aren't all gentlemen?) then what about splashing out on a corporate box. You can drink and cheer from the warmth and you don’t even have to queue at the bar. Or if you're keen to be in the great outdoors, try a Bear Grylls style weekend with some rock climbing and fire making. Grrr.


And lastly, it's always good to end on a hearty meal. Opt for a Michelin starred curry, a fancy Gaucho steak or even hire a chef, so you can relax and concentrate on all those drinks fines that the stag needs to do. Whatever you do, keep it classy.


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