How to Get a Really Smooth Shave and Avoid Razor Burn

Let's face it, we all sometimes suffer from the dreaded razor burn or razor rash. But, a good shaving routine with time for preparation and then soothing the skin afterwards will help no end. Read our advice from Troy Argones, Master Barber at Hawkins & Brimble.


A smooth shave is always about the prep! Give your face a warm face wash. This opens up the pores and helps soften the skin. The softer the skin the smoother the blade moves on the skin. So washing with a rich face wash will help you get a closer, more consistent shave. Occasionally you could use a face scrub, or if you are running tight on time a face scrub is helpful.


With warm water mix up your shaving cream until it becomes a rich foam. If it’s not foamy the shaving cream will dry up too quickly. The Hawkins and Brimble shave cream is great for sensitive skin because it is packed full of natural ingredients and it has a nice consistency when mixed with warm water. The trick is to keep the foam warm and don’t be afraid to re-foam if it dries out.


If you are using a cut throat razor (or straight razor), always move the razor along the skin at a 45° angle.

For disposable razors, always start by shaving with the grain of your hair. If you have sensitive skin, the second shave can be in a side-on movement. For normal skin, you can shave against the grain of the hair.


Clean off the residue shaving cream with warm water and then apply a good amount of after-shave balm. This reduces the risk of irritation. And there you have it, the recipe for a perfect shave. From the Barber’s mouth.