Personal Stylist

Hawkins & Brimble has appointed Nick Hems as its In-house Personal Stylist. Nick works with Male Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders as well as private individuals who want to enhance their first impression and style to those around them.

Nick does this by working in a systematic way identifying the best material, cuts, styles and brands that match your physique and then pairing this with colours that suit your skin tone. This takes away all the guesswork and wasted time and makes this a truly bespoke service for the modern man.

Wardrobe Edit/Optimisation

(within 50 miles of Bath, poa. for other areas) 

Would you like a wardrobe that is easier to manage, have clothes that can be worn in multiple combinations and is full of clothes that you know fit well and make you look your best for all occasions? This is what a wardrobe edit/audit session is designed to do.

I will show you how to make the most of the clothes you already have, and stop wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. You will get rid of the clothes that either don’t suit you or your lifestyle or don’t fit you any longer.

A wardrobe edit can be done in isolation or prior to a personal shop to ensure we make the most of that time purchasing items you need or that will be useful additions to enhance what you already have.

Personal Shop

(within 50 miles of Bath, poa. other areas)

Why would a personal shopping trip with me benefit you? Creating the right impression is absolutely imperative in our private and business lives. We are consistently judged on the way we look. It may be that you are looking to up your game professionally or privately or you fancy a change of style and want the extra boost of feeling and looking sharper.

You may have a particular event coming up where it is important you look your best. I will deliver the change you require quickly and on budget. My focus will always be on defining a style for you and not simply on fashion.

We will have an initial consultation before the shop so that I can establish your needs and requirements and get to know you a bit more, to ensure that what I suggest for you is based on purely on you.

You will also get advice on the brands, fits and colours that most suit you and your physique moving forward. On top of this I will also give you tips on accessories and grooming to compliment your styling options.


from £500

A restyle is a combination of a wardrobe edit and personal shop plus a lot more. I start by building complete knowledge of your personality, lifestyle and future aspirations and we start the restyling journey.

This is typically different for everyone, but will always include a colour analysis, whereby at the end you will know which colours work best with your skin tone as well as the textures and fabrics in shirts, suits and other clothing that suit you best.

A restyle is perfect for you if you wish to increase your confidence, build your personal brand and gain positive visibility. I have witnessed this service literally have a life changing impact and it is one that you can rely on moving forward in life and refer back to.

This service is the biggest investment in money, but also is an investment in your future that can change things dramatically!

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